Use Troff !

(Beta version : user interface may change)

For the Heirloom Project, Gunnar Ritter has added modern typographic features to the venerable troff text processor, creating one of the most powerfull tool to process text these days : Heirloom Troff.

Was lacking to Heirloom Troff a set of macros which handle its capicity and while being easy to use. That’s what the Use troff Macrosutmac — offers. Look at these macros in the tmac directory.

To use utmac, the traditionnal pre-processor, post-processors and other filters used with troff needed some little enhancement, and new binaries needed to be created. These hacks and scratchs are available in the bin directory.

Since modern text processing suppose to exchange documents, troff needed to be linked to the xml world. Utmac provides a macro to export troff files to a custom xml format, and stylesheets have been created to join the html and the OpenDocument community. Thus, this website has been built with nroff ! The xml page give information about these transformations.

Unfortunately, troff knowledge is growing down these days. Documentation and tutorials aims to reverse this tendance. They can be found in the doc directory.

Give it a try. Seriously.

Demonstration files

Look at the demonstration files, of the uh, us, ux, and ut macros, and look at their source for a quick overview.

Quickstart documentation

See the following files : readme, utroff, bsd2, bsd4, cddl, log, or download utroff-doc.pdf.


Look at the list of changes and download the pre-built archive utroff-0.3.tar.gz and its md5sum to install utroff on your system, or download the RCS list of revision utroff-dev.tar.gz and its md5sum to hack the sources.

Produced by Heirloom troff, utmac, and troffxml.

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