U manual


U - Set environment variables to use Utroff


@BINDIR@/U [command]



Utroff, Heirloom Troff and Groff share some of the same utilities, even if their source code differ. To avoid conflicts, it is wise to put the utroff utilities at the end of your PATH, which is not handfull for a daily usage. The U script will set your PATH and some environment variable to use utroff easily.

Followed by a command, U will set the environment variables for this onliest command. With no argument, it can be sourced to set or reset the Utroff environment.

The following environments variable are currently set by U :

There is one important environment variable that U does not set :


# command
U troff -muh f.tr | U dpost | ps2pf -> file.pdf
U ugrind g.tr | U nroff -mut > g.txt
U man refer
# session
 . U
troff -muh f.tr | dpost | ps2pdf - > file.pdf
ugrind g.tr | nroff -mut > g.txt
man refer
 . U

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U and this man page are distributed under a two clause BSD license.

Help and bugs

Don’t hesitate to ask questions at help at utroff dot org. Please, send bugs and patches at help at utroff dot org.


Written by Pierre-Jean Fichet.