How to build heirloom-doctools for utroff

Utroff and Heirloom

Utroff depends on some of the Heirloom tools, but will override some of them if installed of the same directory. Nonetheless, if you only need the Heirloom doctools to use utroff, there are good reasons to install them in the Utroff directory.

Installing the needed heirloom tools in the right directory is the aim of this makefile.


To install Heirloom-doctools for utroff, first edit the file config.mk in the root of the Utroff archive to suit your needs.

Then, to download, untar, and configure the Heirloom doctools following your wishes, do :

make hlm-configure

At this step, you probably want to check that the file heirloom-doctools/mk.config is correct. If it is, you can build and install Heirloom doctools, and clean :

make hlm-build
make hlm-install
make hlm-clean

This will build and install otfdump, eqn, tbl, pic, grap, troff, nroff, pickpack and checknr in the directory you choosed for Utroff. It will also edit the Heirloom manual pages to update some hardcoded paths.

Since the Heirloom build system does not provide any option to uninstall, a list of installed files is built while installation. Once carrefully readen, this list of files can be used to uninstall heirloom utilities :

make hlm-uninstall

Help and bugs

Don’t hesitate to ask questions at help at utroff dot org. Please, send bugs and patches at help at utroff dot org.