Soelim readme


Soelim is a pre-processor for troff which eliminates .so lines by replacing them by the content of the file they call. This version of soelim take care to inform troff about the new file name and line numbering.

This archive also contain two small tools, felim which replace fonts by strings, and slelim which escape some slash from troff sources.

Build and install

To build and install, edit the file config.mk from the root directory, and run :

make install

In some circumstances, you might need utroff tools themselves to build the manual pages. In that case, build and install binaries before manual pages like this :

make installbin
make installman

You can uninstall files and clean the working directory :

make uninstall
make clean

For a more complete description of the build process, look at the README in the root directory.


Soelim and its man page are distributed under the the http://utroff.org/man/cddl.html felim and slelim are distributed under a http://utroff.org/man/bsd2.html

Help and bugs

Don’t hesitate to ask questions at help at utroff dot org. Please, send bugs and patches at help at utroff dot org.