Utmac: Usefull troff macros

Utmac is a set of troff macros made to be used with Heirloom Troff or Github n-t-roff

A single macro language

All the macro files follow the same language, giving the ability to produce different layouts on different type of support from the same troff source. Get an overview of the layouts downloading layout-uh.pdf, layout-ul.pdf, and layout-us.pdf.

Various output format

Utmac can produce high quality pdf files, terminal output, plain text file (readme and license), manual pages, ReStructuredText files, and xml files — and so, with some xsl stylesheet, flat open document texts (fodt) and html files.

High level typographic features

Utmac uses the typographic feature of Heirloom troff such as paragraph at once adjustment, micro-typography, hanging characters and OpenType fonts. While producing pdf, it informs about orphans, widows and blanks at the bottom of page, and provides macros to fix them manually.

Bibliography and indexes

Utmac has builtin macros to bibliography lists, indexes, table of content and summaries. Bibliography aims to follow the iso-690 standart, and replace yet cited references by ‹ ibid. ›, or ‹ op. cit. p xx. › if needed.

Troff ergonomy

Utmac respect the original troff ergonomy : it is more hackable than configurable. By default, the layout is fixed and should be typographically perfect. If one wants to change the layout, he’ll have to learn the troff langage to hack the sources, or to create his own macros.

Documentation and download

See the following files : utmac, u-ref, utmac-hack, bsd2, readme.

Download utmac-0.6.tar.gz, utmac-0.6.md5sum.